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BG/PT/MM show/ Request for Maker's Mark info

Re the Broken Girl/Plumtree/MM tour...

the Toronto afternoon show was great. I'll skip reviewing it in depth because
a certain friend of mine who has a REALLY big **thing** for tall, gangly guys
has already done so.

but Broken Girl was amazing.... though it's funny and painful to watch her
play, because she seems *so* nervous. a friend I was talking to summed it up
when she said of Julie that "you just want to give her a big hug." 

Plumtree were okay... nice girly pop songs. nothing impressive. their limited
playing skills kinda annoyed the arrogant snob musician within me.

and Maker's Mark were ****really**** damned good. seeing Andrew play drums is
always cool and Mike Belitsky is a really excellent drummer, too. 
I liked the whole set, but I would have to vote for Andrew's songs as being
the superior ones. some really clever lyrics and really musically interesting

what I would like to know is just who is in the band. I know that Mike
Belitsky plays with Jale, but who else has he played with?
who is that really cool guitarist? we thought he was Dallas Good, about whom
I know nothing except that he's from my hometown, but we're not sure.
and the bassist.. ???

also, what is the status of the band? how serious a project is it? are they
planning to release anything?

a l e x
Broken Girl Groupie  :P