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Re: what's new in Halifax?

I don't normally post anything on this list but I have to say the only 
band that has caught my attention in the last while are Rome Plows. They 
are the next big thing. They feature a ex-member of Bliss. They sound 
like Hush Harbor except way better musicians and louder. Corvette Summer? 
They practice next door to us, that's about all I can say. Avengers VII, 
hopefully that will come through p.s. don't steal our drummer. I heard 
The Betty Page Clinic was the worst band in the world, but that's just a 
rumour. There will never be another Bunk. We can only dream. They all 
live up in my neighborhood, I'll ask em' what's up for you, Chrisco. Later.

On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, C. Trowbridge wrote:

> Can any Haligonians update me on what new bands are happening these days?
> What's up with Corvette Summer? any good? Are Avengers VII a reality or a 
> figment of Graham MacDougall's imagination? The Betty Page Clinic? Who is 
> the next Bunk? the next Huns? I'm sure all of us outside the pale would 
> enjoy a good Maximum Rock N Roll style scene report, replete with 
> misspellings and "I missed the band cause I was too drunk"-type gig reviews.
> 					love, chris
> "As the Beatles taught us in the fifties, money can't buy you love."
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