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broken girl/plumtree/maker's mark


talk about a busy day for concerts!  saturday was just rawkin' in 
toronto!  i felt really old at the all-ages gig... *gulp*

i went to the evening broken girl/plumtree/maker's mark show.  in short, 
it was really great :)  in long...

they had the edgefest murderecords singles there for free, sans sleeve.  
any bidders? ;)  (sorry - i'm keeping mine for future zine purposes..)  
in addition, julie was right behind me in line! (ok, that may not mean 
much, but it was just really neat to turn around and see julie standing 
right behind me, telling the ticket person that she's broken girl by 
pointing to the poster and saying "that's me")

broken girl was on first, and played really, really well.  the entire 
room stayed silent for her set and it was wonderful.  she was apologetic 
throughout, but no one minded her mistakes.  julie played sans set list 
and just played whatever she felt like, and tried a lot of songs that she 
usually doesn't do live.  umm.. songs... "about you", "dance music", 
"sad song", and a lot of others that i don't know the titles of (sorry).  
she played that song that people were talking about before (about not 
being on stage with rick and stuff) last...  i'm certain that julie had 
the crowd mesmerized by her music and her charm :)  when i grow up, i 
want to be just like julie... (i'm serious!)

plumtree were up next with their brand of pop rawk.  they played material 
off of _mass teen fainting_ (which includes material off of 
_flutterboard_ and their _water had.._ 7").  new bassist katrina 
had a badly blistered finger so attempted playing with a pick for a few 
songs.  they're sounding better each time i see them.  carla's vocal 
style has changed slightly too.  amanda is really fun to watch because 
she's just soooo happy and bouncin' :).  and lynette's just drummin' her 
heart out (oh boy, that was a really lame comment.  sorry).  but this time, 
i wasn't as happy and bouncy as i usually am after seeing them.. which is 
not their fault, i was just really tired.  the new versions of "in the 
sink" and "sodium chloride" threw me off a bit, but i guess i'll get used to 
them.  for anyone else in the crowd: i was the lame one who yelled out "happy belated 
birthday" to carla.  buy _mass teen fainting_, it's the cd i'm listening 
to now and it's happy :)

maker's mark.  amazing.  they rock!!!!  they are really good, tight, and 
tall. ;)  definitely different than sloan (all albums), and not like 
cheticamp (although i only know "coincidence").  i don't know how to 
describe it.  it's none of this alterna-grunge music, it's rock.  vocals 
were pretty good... umm...  music that packs a punch?  i like them.  
hopefully there'll be a recording out soon...

i have to admit, i liked this concert a lot more better than the 
scratching post/new grand/smoother/hip club groove/len/radioblaster 
show.  not to mention the people in the crowd.. jennifer pierce, eve 
hartling (question: what are they doing in toronto?), peter rowan, a guy 
from treble charger (i still don't know who he is....).  wow.  
shmooze-a-rama ;)  oh, and a member of pillowfight :)

back to the 5 hr bus ride in a few hours...

				...sizzle teen

p.s.  OTTAWA KIDS!  julie was surprised to find out that she's not 
playing the all-ages.  so whazzup with dat????
p.p.s.  OTTAWA PEOPLE!  plumtree bassist katrina is from ottawa :)

sizzle teen :)  cc501\!/freenet.toronto.on.ca  sizzle_teen\!/tvo.org
"i know you'll find this letter strange
 that is because i am strange..."  la la la