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Re: March 10 at lee's

At 23:34 96/02/24 -0500, you wrote:

>Eric's Trip
>Well thats all u need to know isn't it??? there were some other good
>ones eh. well. oh yah on the 11th ones i remember are
>The Hardship Post
>Elevator to Hell

I'm pretty sure that your dates are off.  A guy from impact records posted
this and julie confirmed it for me yesterday.

Sat. March 9(all ages afternoon): Made, Super Friendz, Monoxides and Eric's

Sat. March 9(19+ evening) Sully, SIANspheric, Smoother, Hardship Post and
Eric's Trip.

Sun. March 10: Los Cholos(project 9),Shuttlecocks, Bluebeard, Pure, Change
Of Heart, Hardship Post and Elevator To Hell.  

Anyway it's going to be completely awesome and everyone should go.