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Mark's Project/Summerside welcomes Indie-Rock

Hi, this is kind of a two posts in one thing, they're kind of related though.

Post #1:

One of the things we have to do in my Maritime Studies class is do a large
(over 30 pages) project on any aspect of Maritime life.  So of course I have
chosen to do mine on the Maritime Independent Music Scene.

What I am wondering is if I sent a large self addressed stamped envelope to
indie record labels, if they would return it filled with promo posters,
stickers, a label history, etc (free records ;).  Could someone (murder,
cinnamon toast) e-mail me and tell me if this idea would work.

Also I have a small list of record labels which I would mail out to, here's
the list please tell if there are any more I should ask for promo stuffs.  I
have the addresses for all these:
Cinnamon Toast

Anyway if this idea works out I'll probably ask you guys for more help later

Thanks for listening :)

Post #2

On Thursday I got the chance to be mayor of Summerside thanks to my school's
Junior mayor program.  We got to tour the town, etc.  By far the most
intriguing part of our tour was our visit to the Community Services Dept.
not only didi they have a cute dog and really comfortable chairs but they
actually wanted our opinions.  They wanted to know how to get kids off the
streets on weekends.  We talked about the Boys and girls Club for a while
and then they asked us how to get kids to go to the pool and to the bowling
alley (free beer?).  But then they asked us what maritime bands we would
like them to bring to Summerside.  The mayor woke from his comfy chair
induced sleep, and scremed SLOAN! ERIC'S TRIP!

Anyway the whole point of this story is that not only does Mark Greenan want
indie bands to come to Summerside, so does the city.  So if you're ever
coming to PEI, drop me a line and i could work out a Summerside tour stop,
now that I have some pull with the town ;)  I know there are horror stories
about bands being asked to play Slayer songs and other horrible stuff, but
who can blame them a very select few kids in Summerside ahve been exposed to
independent music, the kids here have no musical tastes they just listen to
whatever's popular, please come to Summerside and show then what real music
is like, I beg of you.

Anyway enough ranting, please respond to these posts :)