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rebecca west, and then some

On friday night I saw Broken girl and Plumtree at the Embassy in London, 
and while there I bought the Rebecca west cd and the Plumtree (mass 
teen...).  Anyways, my question is this:  what's the scoop behind the 
band Rebecca West?  I've read only good reviews about the release, but 
I'm still trying to decide how much I like it (give me a few more 
listens).  I remember reading somewhere that Alison O.  has been in the 
music scene for quite a while (or maybe I read it wrong).  Anyway, it is 
pretty good, and so is the plumtree (although dog gone crazy should be 
on it!)
	While at the embassy, I noticed that the line up for the next 
little while included the superfriendz (next week I think) and Hardship 
Post/Rebecca West in early March.  I wish I had money!
	Julie was really, really, REALLY nervous!  she was great though! 
 I think though, that her music would've translated better if she'd sat 
on a chair and used an acoustic or something.  	It's really too bad that 
the Broken Girl full length wasn't out yet.
	Plumtree were great.  Surfer music for the nighties!
	I just read in EXCLAIM that sun coming up an answer to all the 
gossip on the internet about ET relationships and song meanings, etc...
Anyways, bye,