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Lee's show RAWKS

Hi ok i'd like to give my quickie reviews of the bands and the ton of
sloanet people i had the pleasure of meeting:

Scratching Post - WOW they were great! i really thought that they would
be too heavy for my tastes but they actually mix pop and metal really
well. and that fire-breathing trick was alright too. wooooo.
The New Grand - They were really good too. lots of fun. just when i was
thinking "this is getting dull..." they play something that totally
turns it around.
Smoother - OK no offence to any smoother fans or family members but I
HATE SMOOTHER! why is it that the worst bands always get the longest
set???? so we'll LIKE them more???? well ok they are just bad in my
opinion so i shouldn't say that they were the worst but i can't get past
that guy's vocals and many of the tunes just aren't that good...._
Hip Club Groove - Hmmmmm well i liked it that it was different and i
dont mind listening to it but after a while a lot of the stuff sounded
the same. in my opinion they did their best during technical
difficulties when they were freestylin' :) chicken and a dildo alright.
Len - what can I say.... i really liked the songs they played but at a
point which one would think was maybe only 1/2 or 3/4 thru their set
there was a little conflict with a security guard and the taller
guitarist... then they got us to call this guy a nob... and there was a
lot of shouting and swearing and telling us that we suck but i still
thought it was a good set :) *I* think the confrontation was fake, neone
else think so?
Radioblaster - What a cool set.... the only group i actually knew the
majority of the songs for and could sing along a bit.... Shaken By The
Speed was a great song, if not just for the 'Sloanet Kidz' reference <g>
Oh yah Um i'm not sure if ne other sloannetters went up but Derek asked
people to come up and dance for (raven i think?) and i know that Eric
went up. good dancing. i'm sorry i'm to introverted to do THAT.

Ok people i met:
Melissa from kingston - thanks for buying a tape... thanks for the
painting! thanks for the plumtree sticker? well it was nice to meet her
(and her mom <g>)
Sizzleteen - Well i didn't talk to her long it was like... hi i'm on
sloanet... cool.. gotta go :)
Helen - Thanks for buying a tape... urg oh yah thanks to your friend for
he nametags... i forget her name she isn't on here tho right?
Lisa - Um i didn't even know who she was, really, but she saw my name
tag and we said hi.
Patrick - really cool hair ;)
This other Lisa - thanks for buying a tape ;)
Morris (treble charger) - i asked him where he got his glasses they were
pretty cool. he said tc would play in my basement next week alright.
DTokar - Nice to meet him in person he's cool and all and has to read
this anyways ;) Whats worse than 10 baby's in 1 garbage can? 1 baby in
10 garbage cans tee hee
Eric - Canadian honey? oh well i thought he was marc brown cuz of the
name tag i just had sloanet on mine. chatted for a bit about the band
and all. and mcdonalds
Mike Clive -he said something to me if my name is sloanet but maybe i
looked hurt cuz he came over and sed he was just kidding but i knew
that? neways i told him his band is 'wicked guy'.

Wow sorry about that well if you don't wanna read it just press E or
D... whichever.