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Plumtree and Broken Girl

well, plumtree and broken girl were at the embassy in london tonight. 
local bands super 8, chop that wood, and windsor's plastic gary (i think, 
i could be off...but they were definately worth checking out) opened. 

  when julie came on stage it was pretty obvious why everyone had come out. 
she performed a beautiful set including "soon, coming closer" off of 
purple blue. it was really nice, although she continually apologized for 
having a cold and being off, which wasn't true, and no one would have 
noticed anyways.

  plumtree came on after that, quite a difference from broken girl. while 
julie's songs were all very sad, plumtree it seemed couldn't stop smiling 
and bouncing. they played a full set of songs off of their new cd, which 
they finally got and were selling, making a great end to a wonderful 
		roonis is still god
			whitney valentine

ps- sorry that there isn't any sloan content. hmm... maker's mark are 
playing with them tomorrow in toronto, does that count?