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there's a couple of interesting items in joanne
horne's "scene & heard" column in the february 22
edition of _the coast_:

- Local band Plumtree has just won the YTV
  Achievement Award in the band category.  It
  seems to have been a matter of fate intervening
  on behalf of the all-female foursome.  "We were
  so close to not applying this year," says Carla
  Gillis, a guitarist/singer in the band.  "But
  Tony, the guy who organized it, really pushed us
  to get our application in.
        Sponsored by the Toronto-based Youth
  Television Network, the Achievement Award is a
  Canada-wide effort to recognize leadership by
  young people.  And besides national attention,
  it gives Plumtree a cash prize -- which the band
  hasn't wasted any time putting to use.  "We
  definitely need the money for new equipment and
  a van," says Gillis, with the sort of
  decisiveness tomorrow's leaders should have.

- And finally, astute street-watchers might have
  seen Birdland Cabaret majordomo Greg Clark
  poking around various empty performance-hall-
  sized spaces in the city lately.  Rumour has it
  the club may relocate from the TradeMart
  Building to either: a) the Paramount Theatre on
  Barrington, or b) the old Woolco site in Scotia
  Square, or c) the Halifax Hilton at the south
  end of Barrington.

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