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CMW all ages shows/ET

This might end up being my only posting on Sloan Net since I can't handle
the volume of mail you guys post and still do my job. But I do have some
info for the guy asking about the COH/ET all ages show during Canadian
Music Week.

iMPACT is co-sponsoring two all ages weekend afternoon shows at Lee's.
Here's the lineup: Sat. March 9: Les Pichou, MC 19 and under (guess who),
Made, Super Friendz, Monoxides and Eric's Trip. Sun. March 10: Los Cholos,
Shuttlecocks, Bluebeard, Pure, Change Of Heart, Hardship Post and Elevator
To Hell. Not bad, eh? We're also doing the Saturday night show at Lee's
with Sully, SIANspheric, Smoother, Hardship Post and Eric's Trip (who are
on our April cover, by the way). That's supposedly finalized.

We're going to have T-shirts, mags and our new iMPACT CDs to give away
(featuring Speedbuggy, Fire Engine Red, Grace Babies, Made, Heatseekers,
Shortfall, Kittens, Rosebuddy, Goldfish, Bitter Grin, Prozac Blue, Admiral,
Katherine Wheatley, daisychain, Shannon Lyon). Next time (May) we're
planning to have Al Tuck, Scratching Post, New Grand, Rebecca West and
more. You get them free if you subscribe ($25). Shameless plug over.

I'll see you all at the Sloan arena tour this summer.