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Re: saturday's toronto shows...

On Thu, 22 Feb 1996, Carol Nishitoba wrote:

> 1.  when, where, and how much is the 19+ plumtree/broken girl show?

	The Plumtree/Broken Girl/Maker's Mark show will be at the Rivoli 
on Saturday February 24 which is tomorrow and tickets will be sold at the 
door(I'm not sure for how much because the paper doesn't say but it 
should be less than ten bucks for sure.) Oh and I'll be there for the 19+
show. I'm still kicking myself for missing Eric's Trip when they last 
played here, so at least I can catch 1/4 of the band with Broken Girl(who 
I have yet to hear any songs from but have a strong intuition that I'll 
like.) I've seen Plumtree once before and their brand of pop was very 
refreshing. And well, Maker's Mark, I know that the drummer from Sloan's 
in the band and that's it. I'll have to see what they are like.

> 	...sizzle teen, the OVER-ager joining the UNDER-agers only to 
> discover that she'll look the YOUNGEST
	I have the terrible fate of looking young when actually I'm 
24.(But then think of the advantages when I'm 40!)


P.S. Was the scheduling of the Lee's show on the day as the Rivoli show 
just a coincidence? I would love to catch some of the bands at the 
Lee's show but figuring that they are all Southern Ontario bands I'd be 
able to catch them again. For us Southern Ontarians this might be the 
only time we'd be able to catch Broken Girl and Plumtree this year hence 
the reason I'm going to see the Broken Girl/PLumtree show.