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Re: Matt and Chris Murphy but more about Hardship

No, no, you have to admire the Mood Ring tape in the context of the 
times...  it is truely an admirable disassembly and deconstruction of the 
whole grunge/nirvana thang, then reconstructed from the ground up so that 
while you sat there going "this is Nirvana" you couldn't exactly figure 
out WHY it sounded like Nirvana.  Wonderous.  "with my can of beer, can 
of beer!"  Woo woo!  The only band I've ever made a spur of the moment 
road trip to follow to the next town to see was Hardship Post Mark II: 
the other Mike.  And I never did get to see Nirvana... 

I still have the tape in the glove compartment of my car...

Mike Pick, you should go over to the Reverend Al and Fishass' place on 
Maynard and get the masters before we start up that bootleg operation we 
were talking about, I'm just waiting to get my tape deck back from peak 


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