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Re: Matt and Chris Murphy

On Fri, 23 Feb 1996, Roderick Affleck wrote:

> > Here's a question thats probably been asked a million times: Are Chris
> > Murphy and Matt Murphy related?
> Read the Bible, man.  We're all related.
> And although I'm a day late on the discussion, I thought I'd add my 22 cents
> to the hotshit post 'mood ring' debate.
> The tape is terrible and they have every right to be embarrassed about it.
> There's maybe one song on it that I like, the rest of the songs put me to
> sleep they are so boring.  But it's a good example of how the band sounded
> at the time.  i remember seeing them at the Cafe hOle back in 1993 and I 
> was thinking "man, these guys are shit!  They'll never go anywhere".  Nirvana
> did it better and they did it first.  Personally I'm glad they've changed
> their sound so much.  Ever since they released '...smooth things over' 
> they've been one of the better bands in atlantic canada.  Unlike most bands
> that just stick to their same formula for years, they're willing to try
> new things.  
> roderick affleck

boy, are you ever wrong! you call their new "i wanna be a mixture between 
joe jackson and elvis costello" stuff not boring? their new stuff is mega 
lullaby material... but i like the new stuff too, it's prettier than the 
older stuff, a little more musically sensitive i think (sorry if that 
sounds really corny)...  but boy oh boy, they were never "shit".