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Re: Birdland Moving? (no sloan content)

Dan <ant\!/atcon.com> rumoured:

}I have heard that Birdland may be moving?  Is this true?  
}I heard that the new telecommunications company (that operates 24 hours a
}day) upstairs has complained of noise levels.
}I have also heard that they may be relocating into the old Woolco space at

This is the first I've heard of it, but it sounds like a bad idea.  
A grunge bar in a shopping mall?  Then again maybe that's fitting, 
more grungepuppies hang out in malls than on Brunswick Street. 
And now that I've typed this, I suddenly remember that the Flamingo 
was in a shopping mall, but at least it had an outside entrance,  
which I don't think the Woolco space has.

Still, I'd suggest that the telecom boys move to the Square instead.  
The rent's gotta be cheap there these days.

Redesigning the Square,