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new toolie/can. music week/need friends, will travel

hey.  i thought i'd do everything in one post.  firstly, the new
STEAMING TOOLIE cassette entitled "magically cognitious" is done and
ready.  it's 26 new tunes of stuff.  if you haven't heard of us, then
never mind.  but if you have, i'm just so sure that you are hyped like
me.  we actually mixed this one onto minidisc then metal tape.
complicated, yet innovative.  anyway, $5 like usual including postage.
for more info, contact me.  must sell, because i need money
for.............................................Toronto!  which brings
me to my next point.  me and my posse are doing the big road trip
starting next friday on the 1st.  montreal, kingston, ottawa, and
ending up at can. music week in toronto (and waterloo somewhere in
there too and hopefully get down to see my man paul in london).  so
anyway, i'm wondering if anyone knows/has a listing of bands that are
playing.  i tried today to find something on the juno web site but
it's all promotional crap, no substance.  if you can help, please let
me know.  and if you live in any of these places and would like to
meet a real live new brunswicker, let me know and we can hook up.
sloannetters are really cool.  i've met both taras and catano and nina
and shant and oh so many more and it's always been an enriching
experience.  i'd like to meet you too just call 1-800-SLOAN69 and we
can set a time.  later, jon