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Re: hardship post unknowns

>>are these songs on the mood ring cassette?(which i don't have) or are they
>>compleatly unkown? also, does anyone know where i can find the mood ring
>        Hi, this is Elizabeth from Calgary (this is my first post :) but
>i've been hanging around for a couple of weeks).  I interviewed Mike Pick
>and Sebastion Lippa this summer, and they basically told me that they were
>horribly embarrassed about "Mood Ring" and would really appriciate it if no
>one ever listenedd to the thing again. Is it that bad, or is it all part of
>that "We refuse to play any of our old stuff" thing?  They told me that they
>would never ever ever re-release it or anything, but hinted that if anyone
>really really wanted it, that they weren't that hard to find. Hmm?  So, good
>luck :)

Since, it would seem that, no one else has addressed this query...

Mood Ring is Hardship Post's first release...  it's no longer being
produced, however there may be some copies floating around in the odd
used record store...  I think that the only medium it was recorded on
is Tape (no Vinyl, and certainly no CD).  Don't expect to find it too
easily, your best bet is to get a copy of it off someone.

It contains 6 songs...

Walk Right Over Me
Tables and Chairs
I Wait for Me
Sharp Teeth
Colorblind (acoustic)

A rock'n version of Colorblind can be found on the Hack EP.

Although that many fans would agree that this is a fun album, it is true
that Hardship Post don't see it in the same light...

"Sucks" is one of the words I recall Sebastian using to describe it...
the band's style has changed alot and they deem Mood Ring to be too
boring, uninteresting, repetitive...

If Sebastian hinted that Mood Ring isn't too hard to find, he probably
meant that you're either bound to run into someone who has it
(especially amongst the people here on Sloannet), OR (more likely the
case), given that he doesn't like the music on the album, it's not
hard ENOUGH to find...  heheh

hope that helps
but it probably doesn't