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our stupid noise 7" has arrived!!!

the "our stupid noise" 7" has arrived.  all sloan net people that have
ordered it will be getting it a.s.a.p. as i am mailing them out today.  i
apologize for the hold up but it was out of my control.  also, anyone going
to the lee's palace show on saturday will be able to buy one there.  i've
only got about 90 left.  people in the east coast can get it through sappy,
west coast through cfrc and in london through bubblegun.  just in case
you've forgotten, here's the track listing: the new grand "bailey"
                             radioblaster "perfect burn"
                             speedbuggy "sunny summer day"
                             thee suddens "annie 2"

any questions?  as always, just send me an e-mail.