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Re: ECMAs.

	Yeah, Waye, you've got a point,
	That schmo's like myself or any number of folks gotta pay to vote 
irks me to no end.  BUT your point of having smart broadthinking 
judges and panalists and potential orgainisers is definately a good idea, 
to possibly frame the whole schebang in a broader fashion would be excellent.
		Fishass (Lukas)

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On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, Waye Mason wrote:

> I'm afraid I have to disagree with the honourable Mr. Fishass (thats 
> Lukas' real name).
> I think its pretty self evident that if the 20 or so alt rock industry 
> management types in atlantic Canada want something better from the ECMAs, 
> we gotta join... I mean, otherwise we have to reley on a bunch of 50-60 
> year old fiddle players to tell us what is cool, and it ain't going to work.
> I actually hope for good things... if we got ten cool folks to join, and 
> a few of 'em were from outside Halifax, we could propose and 
> "alternative/pop/rhiphop" jury for showcases and nominations, because 
> lets face it, celtic folks are just never going to get it...  
> But I think the rest of ECMA are waiting for folks like me and you to 
> join so that the entire alt contingent isn't just Murder/Cinnimon folks 
> giving nominations, showcases and awards to Murder/Cinnimon folks.  
> (THats a joke, I wrote it with a smile on my face.)
> W.
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