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Re: superfriendz/seb&balls/licorice fix

I just have to say that I was pretty much amazed by hardship post. I 
went there expecting to be let down because of all the negative 
reactions they were getting on here. They really turned that opinion 
around though, I think there is even a world of difference between 
how they sound on the album and how they sound live. I think it's as 
someone pointed out, live they put the base into songs, that, on the 
album, have little or no base. It makes such a difference. I just 
loved the songs Alyson did, but by far, "Garbage Truck" was the best, 
it gave me tingles up my spine, what a way to start!

    On another note, I can't believe how much the "new" (maybe 
"different" is a better word) drummer for SFZ changes their sound. At 
first I was dissapointed that I wasn't going to see Chris out there 
blowing bubbles and twirling the sticks, but I got over that quite 
quickly. This is for two reasons. One, this other guy can really hit 
those skins, it really changes the beat. Two (and maybe I'm way off 
base here), it just goes to confirm that he's awfully busy with the 
"new" record. This can also be supported by the fact that I saw none 
of those "chaps" around Halifax at all. I was staying at the Park 
Vic, and usually I see Jay in the elevator, but not this