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Re: plumtree/al tuck/allison outhit/piggy/licorice fix

James R Covey Wrote:

 i caught
>the latter half of licorice fix and i don't really
>know what to tell you.  it's kind of fun and
>mildly gratifying to see all these ontario
>halifax-wannabe bands making their pilgrimages to
>the mythical east coast.  like new grand, licorice
>fix have a serious thrush hermit fixation, and
>like new grand, it's about two years behind what
>thrush hermit are actually doing now.  at least
>licorice fix don't steal their moves.  :-)  i
>didn't hear the "french inhale" ripoff song that
>everyone's talking about.  i did, however, catch
>their cover of "anyway, anyhow, anywhere" and they
>didn't do much re-arrangement of the song except
>to make the townsend-guitar-crashing-around bit a
>little more ericstrippy, i.e. feedback-drenched.

        Okay, a couple of points: Licorice Fix and The New Grand are NOT
Thrush Hermit wanna-be bands; Both TNG and LF show different lyrical
concerns, and musical styles (LF have a serious Britpop fix, with a dash of
VU; TNG are American Indie Rock fans...and TH sound like the bastard
children of Bonnie Tyler and Robin Zander; Big Rock, Big Feeling, and
that's not meant pejoratively) ...... and when did anybody from Thrush
Hermit stamp the TM sign on Rock Moves ? If you're trying to tell me that
TH have the Copyright on a certain kind of Choreography, you can go pound
sand; and if that's the first thing or only thing someone can think of to
mention about TNG TH, then maybe it's time we re-examined  and re-adjusted
the ratio of style's importance to substance's importance. 

        Finally, I could be very cruel and mention that it's nice to see
all the Halifax Sound-Alike bands make thieir mandatory trip to Ontario,
where they can actually make money and play in front of people...but that
would be a little too mean, and just as false as Mr. Covey's assertion
about Ontario bands.... 


"Against The Grain"