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Re: len's new video

>    Has anyone seen len's video for "showoff"?  They played it 
Here's another question: What is the song order on superstar?
there are 13 tracks on the CD and 13 songs on the jacket, so I assume 
that the first track (next time this year I'm gonna be a great 
big....) is the first song listed, but then mom's place, which is the 
only song of which I am 100% sure of the title, is track 6, but 
listed on the album as track 5 (which would mean that the first trck 
is just a bonus sound-bite type thing). Anyways, does anyone know the 
order of the songs on Superstar by Len? I'm obviously confused...

> yesterday on the wedge... basically just the gang clowning around... 
> and Greig from t'charger makes a few appearances. :)  Kinda fun and 
> cool, I'd say.  Yeah, so... that's it.
Jeremy Gruman
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