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Re: ET over or not

        TLW, Long May She Wave, Wrote:

>[hey this is tara not lisa, but anyway]
>here in calgary, there is another magazine which covers the same
>territory as my beloved vox. anyway, they have a story about eric's trip,
>too. i found the conclusion of the story kind of interesting and yet
>confusing. i don't know. who really knows what is going on with this band?
>"To be an Eric's Trip fan is to be understanding and accept, even desire,
>experimental change. That's what Eric's Trip is all about:
>experimentation. And according to Thompson, there's definitely more of
>that to come.
>`I bet if we could just record the next few records and not have to tour,
>it'd be really fun. We'd have a lot of time to work on the music and make
>it different.'
>`We just like to put out as much as we can so people can hear as much as
>they can. We've got so many songs right now, we could put out two more
>albums.' Then with a brief pause and a sense of conviction in his voice,
>Thompson satisfyingly adds, "We've got lots of stuff to do before this is
>******* from core magazine, by steve gow*****
>i am so confused now. how come rick and chris are telling us stupid kids
>in calgary that they've got lots more to do together, but people close to
>the band are telling us they're breaking up for sure? what's up with that??
>this is not as much fun as the x-files.
>tara, NOT lisa

        This Whole ET over or not chimpery reminds me of the whole Sloan
fooferaw that persists (in some way or another) until this day. To be
blunt, it's never going to be settled until someone hears, definitley, from
a member of the band as to it's future disposition.

        What's ironic for me is that PB is the first thing by ET I've heard
since Happens all the Time from Peter that justifies the love, respect, and
admiration so many other citizens show them.

        Hell, it got a four-star review in Q, whaddmore do you want? It's
gotta be good.

        (Which my belated, begruging listen would seem to indicate that it is)

        I would guess that right now ET is in as much as a state of flux as
any of our lives are at this moment, and that should say it all.  And as
for differences in interviews, well, we all know Rashomon by now , and
different people have different takes on things.

        What the Hell Am I Doing Up ?

        "Against the Grain",

        James Rocchi