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Re: tim robbins experince.

>who all is in the tim robbins experince? i know someone from thrush 
>hermit is but who? i heard a few songs on real time by them and they 
>sounded really good.

tim robbins experience consists of all the members of thrush hermit, minus
cliff.. I've only heard one song by em (the one on the bubblegun comp.)
but I like it a lot.. it's funny.. :) hmmm.. guess I missed that realtime
show.. :(

>what are all the sloan side projects?

well, since sloan's "hiatus" (how the hell do u spell that?), the members
have done different things.. andrew is in maker's mark now (not a side
project tho, I don't think), chris does some solo stuff and he used to
drum for the superfriendz for a little while.. as for the others, I really
don't know..

>shawna,the new member if anyone cares.