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Les Amis Du Sloan 411 - one more time


I like getting 40 new messages a day just as much as the next girl, but 
this is getting a *little* ridiculous when I'm getting asked for the same 
information I've already posted. I'm not mad at anyone for asking cause I 
did say email if you have questions, but please please please try to read 
these posts carefully and save me from this madness. :) (it's like a FAQ...)

Ok, here we go. Les Amis Du Sloan is a TWO volume CASSETTE project that 
Tara Da Costa (bi629\!/freenet.carleton.ca) and I started working on last 
February or March. It's covers of sloan songs. There are well known 
people on these tapes and there are other not well known but sincere 
sloan fans on them as well. Volume I is almost done and is about 59 
minutes long. Volume II is not done and won't be done for another month 
at least. Maybe more. Waiting for bands can sometimes suck, but it's 
worth it. :)

This is something I've never posted on, but it's important. About ordering.
You can order them whenever you like, but we're only doing 100 at a time, 
and then we have to do them in batches of at least 10. It's best to order 
them now, because we're probably not going to keep doing this forever. 
For one thing, I am losing access to the production room I use and I will 
be moving away from the company that makes copies when I move this 
spring, sometime in May probably. So like order before then.

They cost six dollars each. If you want both volumes, send 12 dollars. 
Send well-concealed cash or a cheque/money order if you're Canadian and if 
you're American, cheques are *ok* but money orders are better. If you 
want two copies of one volume make sure to say that, or you'll probably 
get one and two. Oh yeah, if you're from another country other than the 
US or Canada, send either Canadian money (hee hee!) or an international 
money order, duh. :)

You can send your money to *either* Tara or me, but it would be a lot 
quicker to send to me, since I have the tapes. My address (write this 
down please!) is:

2444-44 st s.e.
calgary, ab
t2b 1j6

tara's address is
1501 roberval avenue
orleans, on
k4a 2c4

Here's something else I should post. My friends at Daydream have agreed 
to help distribute this, so you can always tell your friends to order 
from us at our address in Halifax later on (ie/ when I move). If someone 
sends an order to me after I've moved, it's safe. My gramma will just 
forward it. No worries here.

Who is on these tapes? I have posted the entire list before, but right 
now I'll just point out the more well known people, ok? Everyone who did 
a song sounds super, I've played the DAT for a few people here and 
they're all so impressed (*applause*). Anyway, Chris Murphy, Lou Barlow, 
Chickpea, and Nardwuar are on Volume I. Volume II will have Cecil from 
Nerdy Girl, Orange Glass, Fire Engine Red, more Nardwuar, Rick White, b'ehl,
*maybe* Moonsocket, and there are a few other people who say they will do 
something but I haven't heard much from them lately. So in other words, I 
am saying you might want to order both. 12 bucks for over two hours of 
sloan covers, ya can't go wrong. :)

Tara is working on a zine with info on all the bands. If you'd like more 
information on that, please email her. It should be smashtastic, though, 
as are all her zines. :)

Um, I *think* that is about it, I apologize to everyone who already knows 
this and is bored already, but it *is* sorta sloan net content.... ;)

Ok, if you have any questions that have not been addressed in this post, 
then email me privately. If you ask me anything that I posted today, I'll 
have to get my boyfriend to come beat you up. :)


(and tara da costa, too, sorta....)

"It's a really hopeless feeling sometimes when you want to go home. You're 
even further away, you're not even getting closer to home. You're travelling 
further, and the further you travel the further you have to come back."
                                                         - Rick White