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Re: Is Sandbox disrespected?

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, James R. Covey wrote:

> cliched) than yo elitism of money and power (wow, look
> at that cool corporate-financed sandbox video) but i guess that's

just for the record, aren't sloan, jale, eric's trip and hardship post's 
recordings and videos "corporate-financed"?
the whole indie vs. corporate argument is pretty futile as far as I'm 
concerned (there are obvious benefits and drawbacks to either arrangement 
and, ultimately the artists are the ones who have to live with their 
decisions soI'm not slagging anybody for their decisions.) but I don't 
see how James can justify dissing Sandbox for being "corporate-financed" 
when many of the other bands lauded on this list are similarly financed.
If you don't like a band musically or because they're not hip, fine. But 
selectively demonizing bands because of their labels isn't fair.-ct