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Re: answers galore

On Fri, 16 Feb 1996, Kelly A. Ruberto wrote:

> 3) len are cool. you can pick up their album at the show on the
>   24th or at many fine toronto record stores.

chris sings back-up along with joel in the song "superstar."  there is a 
very slick looking video for this song that sook-yin lee was creaming 
over on the wedge. 

chirs and joel's part is less than minimal.  they sang "oooh-ooh-ooh" for 
about three seconds, marc sampled it and looped it ad nauseum.  if you're 
looking for "sloan content," look again.  anyways, the video is great, 
but it's not one of my favorite len songs.  they should have something 
new out soon-ish.  they rock.  how come "jenny" wasn't on the album?  
it's probably one of their best songs.

> 4) the hayden song was released on the cfny new music search cd
>  in 1993. you will be extremely lucky if you can find a copy of it
>  floating around because they sold out and they're not printing
>  up anymore copies. noah from hhead does NOT sing on it. (although

yes he does.  he told me so himself.

frontin' like he's all that,
mike c.