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Re: ECMAs.

I'm afraid I have to disagree with the honourable Mr. Fishass (thats 
Lukas' real name).

I think its pretty self evident that if the 20 or so alt rock industry 
management types in atlantic Canada want something better from the ECMAs, 
we gotta join... I mean, otherwise we have to reley on a bunch of 50-60 
year old fiddle players to tell us what is cool, and it ain't going to work.

I actually hope for good things... if we got ten cool folks to join, and 
a few of 'em were from outside Halifax, we could propose and 
"alternative/pop/rhiphop" jury for showcases and nominations, because 
lets face it, celtic folks are just never going to get it...  

But I think the rest of ECMA are waiting for folks like me and you to 
join so that the entire alt contingent isn't just Murder/Cinnimon folks 
giving nominations, showcases and awards to Murder/Cinnimon folks.  
(THats a joke, I wrote it with a smile on my face.)


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