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Re: Is Sandbox disrespected?

Yes, and the image factory that is indie rock continues to draw a line in 
the sand between cool and corporate, indie and not... just to keep 
everyone up to speed on the corporate connections:

The Toast -> Denon
Murder   ->  MCA
No       ->  Ozone 
Latitude ->  EMI
Groundswell-> Warner

Now, whats the difference?  Well, some labels have full artistic control, 
but get less support from the label promotionally.  Some labels actually 
have to get permission fromthe major to put out a release, some don't.

Most of these labels couldn't put enough cash together to put out 1000 
CDs, all the manufacturing is done for them by the major (or in the case 
of ozone, minor! :)

Like Colin M was pointing out at the ECMAs, the line gets fuzzier all the 
time, I mean, Strawberry is on Cargo, does that mean they shouldn't have 
played the showcase?  Technically, yes, but really, the Cargo is a one 
off and still really minor...  where do you draw the line?


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