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Re: Is Sandbox disrespected?

On Sat, 17 Feb 1996, James Cooper wrote:
> yes, well sloan anyway, minimally it would seem, that is, it doesn't look
> as though gobs of cash has been thrown their way.

Define "gobs"...everything's relative I suppose, but I'd say Geffen threw 
some gobs, in the beginning anyway. 

> > see how James can justify dissing Sandbox for being "corporate-financed" 
> i think james was dissing them because their coping an alterna rock pose 
> ingenuinely, sandbox = bandwagon leaping.

accusations of bandwagon-leaping and corporate sell-out shouldn't be used 
interchangably...not on this list anyhow. Hipsters shouldn't go around 
branding artists as "corporate" like McCarthy branded people as 
"communist", unless they're prepared to live in a very narrow little world.

sorry if I'm flogging a dead horse...

"rebel w/o a cause" is on a&e today. the best drunk guy with a toy 
monkey scene in cinematic history. check it out.