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Re: Un Petit Problem Peut-etre?

shortfall isn't on the bill for the 24th \!/ lee's but they are playing \!/ the
rivoli in march.  as i've posted, sianspheric have been replaced by
smoother.  so the day & night show look like this:

                                                               HIP CLUB GROOVE
                                                               THE NEW GRAND
                                                               SCRATCHING POST

there are 2 shows.  the all-ages afternoon show \!/ 3:30, doors open \!/ 2:30
(maybe earlier depending on line-up outside) and a licensed evening show \!/
9:30, doors open \!/ 8:30.

i wish the shows were on different days as i would love to see broken girl.


>Here's the lowdown:
>Feb 24 is the radioblaster,len,hipclubgroove,sianspheric,thenewgrand,scratching
>post,(i've heard that shortfall is playing now too? is it 7 bucks???) at
>Lee's Palace and its an afternoon show, RIGHT?
>And then marc(i think it was marc) posted a message that Broken Girl and
>Plumtree are plalying an EARLY SHOW at the Rivoli on Feb. 24, RIGHT?
>Well does this pose a problem for anyone?
>Not for me because i am not a big fan of broken girl and haven't heard
>enough of plumtree to know yet so i'm gonna be at lee's for sure but
>people like my friend who want to see both bands, he sez he'll go to
>both but i guess he'll be at broken girl by himself <g>
>I was just surprised no one else mentioned this coincidence here yet
>PS thanks for everyone who gave recording info. turns out (to my
>surprise) we probly WILL do it with rob sanzo at signal to noise! 30
>bucks/hour i'm not surprised its a popular studio.
>PPS oh my god you wont BELIEVE what sloan cd i picked up yesterday!
>SMEARED!!!! yeah i know i'm lame and it took me a little while to get
>around to buuying it but the point is that i have now. now if i could
>get their newest "peppermint"...