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Re: Is Sandbox disrespected?

i have a question for those in the know. if you buy your product :) 
directly from the band/label and not from a store, does that mean the 
distributors ie/ mca, denon  do not get any money from that transaction? 

ie/ instead of buying a cd on murderecords from hmv, sam's, or any other 
store that goes through mca, you send your cheque for fifteen bucks to 
the post office box in halifax. does all of your money go to murder?

also, `corporate financed' and `corporate sellout' are not the same thing 
but anyway, i think in the case of sandbox, "corporate financed" and 
"bandwagon leapers" can be accurate labels. they didn't really have much 
to `sell out' on, so...that point is kind of moot.

that's about it. except that if you *really* want to stick it to the man, 
order from the truly independent and free (and broke) record labels. you 
know, labels like (in canada) popkid, endearing, sloth, and hey, daydream 
answers to no one but our crabby selves. :)

always the altruist,
tara :)

post script: and a happy birthday to carol!