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tee shirt questions answered....

hey htere...

ok heres the answers top all the tshirt speculations:

1: the tee shirts are done finished !!! sitting in a big fucking crate 
right here!!

2: they will be mailed this week.... i spent the week trying to procure a 
new supply of free stamps.. i was not about to spend  $100 just to mail 
them out....

3: a vast number of people .. have yet to pay for there shirts .. ill 
post a list asap...

4: over half of the people on the original list recieved their shirts in 
september.. at least i mailed them then wether they got them i dont know 
because only a couple actually had the curtosey to respond then and tell 
me they recieved them... i posted a list then of who was getting them....

5: i lost money big time ... so ill take my time getting it done thank 
you very much.. i dont have the big uppercanadian bucks fueling some 
bigass shirt printing empire here... 

6: no one has been waiting over a year so fuck you buddy.. the shirt idea 
was originally commissioned last may....

7: if people have questions about the shirts come contact me ... you all 
have my address... email and otherwise and my phone number... i have not 
disapeered or high tailed it out of the city... i am right here and 
rodenhiser was right my account was down... and you know what i dont 
really care if it was my life is not fucking sloannet !!  i only check my 
mail about once a week so chill out if it takes awhile to get back to 

8: if i have your money your shirt is gonna be in the mail THIS WEEK!!!! 
they are all done .

9: haligonians ... contact me and well arrange a hook up date... 

10: if you ordered your shirt 2 months ago ..chill out... ever heard of 6 
to eight weeks for delivery?

thats all.. later