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superfriendz/seb&balls/licorice fix

the 1st thing I noticed about licorice fix were their boffo striped 
tshirts & the singer's resemblance to snake of degrassi (he wasn't...I 
had to ask, much to the amusement of the merch people:). sounded a little 
like radioblaster(guitar),treble charger(complete with swaying stage 
moves) & thrush hermit(the song that sounded,oh, *exactly* like french 
inhale)...melodic & familiar...pleasant...
 Seb & the balls...new new hardship post songs (the jale-like "my old man" & 
"deathbed"(?) were sped up & infinitely groovier than at their last hfx 
show 2 wks ago (mike has improved tremendously since last summer & he no 
longer looks like he's about to punch a hole thru the 
drums...sorry:)...allison & seb's voices blend esp well. i think they 
played garbagetruck (with bass again!) & yr sunshine & a couple of 
other oldies. it was prob the best i've seen them since the allages posies show
last yr (before matt's departure). seb's screams have returned. woohoo!
 Superfriendz played their theme song a total of 3 times, most of mock up 
scale down, oldish new songs (the wonderful & oft-mentioned green hands 
(coupled with another song about al green called "green machine"), & "up 
& running", another of my favorites) & an encore consisiting of elvis 
costello's "radio, radio" & a song by the records that leonard conan used to
cover (title?). matt perched atop the bass drum thru half of the 
song before doing 1 of his trademark leaps. what balance!