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Re: superfriendz/seb&balls/licorice fix

the records cover was a song called "starry eyes". i find some of the new 
superfriendz stuff has a bit of "the jam" in it...and i really like it! i 
just wish they'd do their version of "life from a window".
the hardship post show *was* really good, and the songs are aready 
becoming slightly familiar..."it's cool" being one of them, and the 
*ziggy stardust* song, as i heard them refer to it as, but i don't 
remember the name, and the alyson songs, "deathbed" and "my old man" are 
very reminiscent of her songs with jale. and now mike's singing from 
behind the skins! wow....it takes talent:) harder edged and tighter than 
last time, i really enjoyed it as well.
so mike....are hardship post doing any recording anytime soon?