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Re: ECMAs.

On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, Waye Mason wrote:
> I think its pretty self evident that if the 20 or so alt rock industry 
> management types in atlantic Canada want something better from the ECMAs, 
> we gotta join... I mean, otherwise we have to reley on a bunch of 50-60 
> year old fiddle players to tell us what is cool, and it ain't going to work.

another question, from an outsider (give or take 5,000 km). why does 
anyone even care? i'm not being facetious, i really wonder why it matters 
who gets the little trophy. is there a cash prize or studio time attached 
to the award that makes it special or is it just like, you get to print 
"ECMA winner!!" on all your gig posters or... ?  is there a large number 
of "alt rock industry management types" out there who actually want 
something better or are there more important things to worry about? these 
are not rhetorical questions, i really want to know why so much 
importance is placed on the ecma's. do people out there need the 
validation from the industry? is it the recognition from your peers? what?

i don't know anyone who takes the aria's as seriously as people seem to 
sometimes take the ecma's. maybe i know the wrong people, maybe we just 
don't have our collective shit together....i think jr gone wild won the 
award for best heavy metal/rock act or something... :) :)


ha ha, get it? :P