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Re: other Thrush Hermit 7"

I don't have a list compiled but I can tell you that there is another one 
on genius (geniJR 016) with the songs "MARYA", "SIMPLE UNIVERSAL LEADER" 
and "COTT" and there is another 7"on Bong Load records with the songs 
"TAKE ANOTHER DRAG" and "CAME AND WENT". When you picked up the French 
inhale 7" did you get the free 7" inside? There's also a picturedisc for 
their last release.
Hope that helps, perhaps someone else can fill in the blanks!

> HEY,
>         I just picked up the Thrush Hermit "French Inhale" 7 inch (on genius
> records) and was wondering if anyone had a list of the rest of their records??
> Peace People,
>         Rodi
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------