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caught up in triviality...

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From: Nishitoba, Carol
To:  'people of the sky'
Subject:  caught up in triviality...
Date: 1996-02-19 09:03
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hello :)

birthdays suck, especially if they're your own and you have to phone your 
family cuz they don't phone you...  :P (you don't owe me anything, but you 
better call, ya you better call...)

anyway, this will sound really lame, but i was wondering.....

how did sloan form?

when/how did andrew, chris, jay, and patrick get together and start makin' 
music?  i guess i'm asking for a sloan history lesson.

umm.... all i know is that somehow they got together, started making music, 
recorded "underwhelmed" for the ckdu _hear and now '92_ comp, and some time 
later the _peppermint_ ep came out.... chris and jay were in kearny lake 
rd.... and i think patrick used to play bass, chris guitar, and then they 
switched?? (or at least chris - guitar, and patrick - bass on "underwhelmed" 
for the ckdu comp)... oh, and chris (chris, chris, chris, you'd think he was 
popular or something ;) ) was in black pool around the same time as the 
beginning of sloan, or something like that ( hence the lyrics for "pretty 
voice" and "torn")...


                    ...sizzle *queen* ;)


                    ...sizzle teen

p.s.  thank you tara (lee), tara (dee), and linda (ess) :) :) :)
p.p.s.  i taped the ecma highlights on cbc radio (of course, they didn't 
play sfz :P), and was wondering... when did bob snider move to toronto?  i 
always thought he was from there, and was quite surprised to learn that he 
is from atlantic canada!  those darn folksingers.. ;)