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Re: Is Sandbox Relevant ?

	Well said.
	And, may I quote from a sandbox show I had the distinct 
unpleasure of sharing the stage with: 

	"This is a song about cheating on your girlfriend.  That's OK 
though, if you're really drunk, then it doesn't matter what she thinks.  
Hi, we're Sandbox, from Halifax...."

	Insert you're own sense of error.

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On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, James Rocchi wrote:

>         ...and the answer is no. Sandbox posess exactly the kind of
> mediocrity that you need to posess to be Commercuially sucessful in Canada.
> Meaningless songs, adequate popcraft, inoffensiveness, and meaninglessness-
> just the kind of blank stare  that can be mistaken for deep thought. I
> don't disrespect Sandbox; I ignore them. 
> "Against The Grain"
>         James