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The Acadia Scene

    ...is non-existent.  So I guess this is my first plea to those 
who are in bands and on sloanet to please come up here to rock the 
    It's only an hour drive from Halifax and there a few good places 
up here to play.  The only decent bands that I can remember playing 
here or in the area anyway, were Rebecca West and Jale playing last 
year at the Barn.  It was well advertised but since I lost my fake id 
two hours before my drive there I couldn't see how well the turnout 
    There were rumours that Marc Brown was going to bring Al Tuck to 
play at Wolfville's own Front Street Cafe but things never worked 
out.  Something about a cross Canada tour, go figure.  But I guess 
even though Acadia has a bad rep there's a growing base of Archers of 
Loaf fans, ET fans, Grifters fans, etc.  Our alternative night on 
Wednesdays is actually a good time, well when my friend Pete dj's, you 
get some Rocket from the Crypt, Blues Explosion, Folk 
Implosion, etc.  So maybe if you just wanted to check out places to 
play and wanted to meet me or Matt McDonough come on up some 
Wednesday night.  Draft $0.95 until nine, woo!
    So I guess if any bands are interested just email me and I'll 
find out the scoop on what you have to do and if there's anything I 
can do to help.  Maybe I'm just trying to follow in Marc Brown's 
footsteps and be a big rock star after my second year of university.
I'm still upset that someone who hadn't even heard Smeared when I met 
him was hired be murder.  

    The other sideily yours,
    Paul Landry