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answers galore

 hello andrea,
i saw you post on sloanet so i thought i would enlighten you. :)

1) the name of the superfriendz drummer is lonnie james. he's
 from toronto and to my knowledge, has never played with nick

2) the inbreds are going to have something out on sappy and
 on murderecords. on murderecords they'll have 2 songs . one is
 a cover song (but i can't remember who they're covering) and
 the other is going to be a re-recording of a really old song
 of theirs called "final word". the release on sappy will be them
 covering "down in flames" by the superfriendz and an eric's
 trip song. the inbreds will also be releasing a 7" on a label who
 will remain nameless because i've been sworn to secrecy. ;)
3) len are cool. you can pick up their album at the show on the
  24th or at many fine toronto record stores.

4) the hayden song was released on the cfny new music search cd
 in 1993. you will be extremely lucky if you can find a copy of it
 floating around because they sold out and they're not printing
 up anymore copies. noah from hhead does NOT sing on it. (although
 hayden and noah are good friends) . chris does NOT sing on it either.
 hayden's friend lorraine does back-up vocals.

hope that helps.