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Re: Is Sandbox disrespected?

>        Okay folks, we as Sloan Netters think we are doing a service 
>or whatever disscussing the East Coast music scene.  But it seems to 
>me that there is a certain elitist quality that has flourished in the 
>Murder/Cinnamon community by no fault of anyone (I think).  I have 
>noticed over the past months that bands such as Sandbox and Grace 
>Babies have been shunned constantly...

yes, "the scene" looks homogeneous from a distance.  close up,
you find that each individual has their own taste.  i can't 
believe that you're more offended by elitism of taste (sandbox
deserve my disdain because they are bland, boring, trite, and
cliched) than you are by elitism of money and power (wow, look
at that cool corporate-financed sandbox video) but i guess that's
up to you.  i don't know where you're studying political ideology
but you must have a pretty right-wing prof.

how's that for blunt?  :-)


p.s. have you heard sandbox live?  the lead guy's singing voice
     is as bad as mine.  scary.

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