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sloan net/email/sanisoft

hey there sloannetters.
i want to apologize -- my email response time is getting
more and more slack.  that's because this stupid machine
(the dalhousie vax) is overcrowded and on its last legs
(retiring this summer) and it's hard for me to get online,
and when i do sometimes the response time is so slow i
have to give up.  the odds look good that i will soon
have new email access.  if that comes through i'll move
sloan net to an automated listserver like i keep saying
i might.  so welcome new subscribers and i hope i didn't
take to long to subscribe you.  

on another topic, david pound wrote:

>How come nobody is talking
>about the newer Halifax bands that are coming up? Anybody have any info on
>Sanisoft, I saw them at the Birdland, but know nothing about this band.
>They were alot more experimental then I was expecting. 

i never got around to reviewing that show.  i only saw the last four 
songs that they did, but sanisoft are *totally* different than what
they were before.  and it seems like a good thing.  somehow the new
sound seems to fit them better.  now that they're doing the loud,
heavy, scary thing i hope they keep writing new songs.  maybe they'll
have a totally new set next time we see them.  i think the new sanisoft
and the rome plows are going to do a lot to fill that horseshoe-/handgrenade-
shaped hole in my heart.


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