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Re: Shake and Typos

OK, in this non perfect world there has been many typos in both my and
John's emails

shake's address IS:
Shake The Record Label
598 Victoria            --> no extra L after the a!!!
C.P. 36587
St-Lambert, QC J4P 3S8  -->the city is St-Lambert not St-Laurent
                        -->the postal code ends with 3S8 (number, letter number)
they have a catalogue, 2$ will get you a sampler but hurry they're almost
out of them!
--> and the sampler is on CD form and Iain told me there were only about 10
they also have such bands as The Vacant Lot (the ones from NYC not the
comedy troup) Punchbuggy, Roy Loney, Smudge (big lemonheads and no east
coast connection there) and... argh just get the catalogue you'll see....