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new orange glass 7"

        It's officially out now and I just picked up my copy last night.
They just keep getting better and better.  Once again four songs, side A is
probably my two favourite songs, Circle Dance and Talking Times.  Side B is
really good two though, A Year & Some(sung by Tara) and Chronic Let Down.
        Really good stuff though, if you like Orange Glass, then you'll love
this.  It also includes an OG sticker, a funny little drawing of Ron's(I
think it's Ron's anyways), his normal zanny little funnies.

        I was also thinking, if ET broke up and Rick wanted to get more
serious with ETH than what would happen to OG(this is neat, it's like one of
those personnal adds with all of the abbreviations, SWF)?

        Anyways, Nothing lasts forever, even cold November Rain(I'm sorry,
that's not even funny)


PS:  Does anybody know if when you order the ET album directly from Sub Pop
you're supposed to get the pin too, I didn't get one and I want one(Joyce