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Does anyone know the name of the new Superfiriendz drummer, I heard he was from Nick Cave and The BAd Seeds?
Is the new Inbreds ep?  I have heard 2 rumors: 1. it is on murder with 4 songs, and 2. it is on sappy with a superfirendz cover
What is the deal with these t-shirts?  If they do acually exist, the "...Last Five Years..." tshirt idea sounds good (Because it could pertain to Sloan, the Hardship Post, and now, it seems,  ET, because they seem to be changing their lineups).  However, the "...Last Five Days..." rumor sounds bad.  CAn anyone give me the full story on if they do exist?
Is Andrew Scott still in Sloan, I heard they were recording again, but with a new drummer.
has anyone heard of a (Toronto) band called LEN?  Hip Club, Chris Murphy(merfi), and Joel Plaskett paly on their album, Superstar.
Where can one find the B-side (sloan) ONe Professional CAre?
-Also, if you like Hayden, and have heard the rare Hayden the song, "Take" with the hHead singer singing it, rumor has it that Chris also does "poppy, girlish-sounding" singing in the background of it.
-Tell me more about these Sloan tributes
-THanks for answering because i haven't been on for a few days.
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