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Re: Is Sandbox disrespected?

At 01:28 PM 15/02/96 -0330, Claire Rillie wrote:
>I think sandbox are totally overrated, they just lucked into a decent 
>recording and live, well, they suck.  Could there be a worse singer in 
>the world?  His voice is so completely effected up on the album that when 
>they play live he can't even stay in key!

This makes me howl, I used to live in residence with this guy at Acadia.  he
started by singing Van Deman's Land (I hate U2 for that album they should
have given up after joshua Tree ...) in the shower. Everyone on our floor
thought he was a great singer, but they were used to 20 drunk guys singing
"do your balls hang low?"
Any ways he hooked up with other New Glascow buddies and out came Sandbox
(formerly Sandbox Legacy)  I hate them.
His name is Paul Murray, Anne Murray is his aunt, check Anne Murray's X-mas
special circa 1980 for fine video footage of Paul.

>Sandbox, i just don't like 'em.

Peace People,


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