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Re: duperfriendz

Hmmm... I've been lurking on this SloanNet thing for a few weeks now. Time
to take my place in the community by actually contributing...

>has anyone heard of a (Toronto) band called LEN?  Hip Club, Chris
Murphy(merfi), and Joel Plaskett paly on their album, Superstar.

Yes.... I likes it! In fact, I just reviewed it in this week's UW Imprint...
And going to the Lee's Show on Feb. 24.

>Where can one find the B-side (sloan) ONe Professional CAre?

By nice coincidence, I just heard that for the first time this morning, when
I was doing a 7" show on CKMS. It's on this promo release, a really really
thin square piece of plastic. Our station has it. Of course, copying it
would be completely against the law. (contact me privately)

Also found the Thrush Hermit "Ammo" 7" with Cookie and Rosebuddy, and Jale's
"Promise", plus a few more 7"s that may or may not be rare...

One more note... I'm trying to put up an extensive list of Canadian Indie
labels on my WWW site, since I can't find anything else anywhere... Any
labels reading this, look at
http://www.undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca/~palwilki/Labels.html and send

Patrick Wilkins
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