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island band comp

Hey, I just thought that I would let you know that there is a new 
compilation of island bands that was independantly released this 
month...it's like four of the more talented high school bands that 
got together to put something out...it's titled "Spedwok with Yan" 
(and no, I don't know what the hell that means) and it features the 
Ewoks (a really--how shall i put it--weird band..), Watchmaker (PEI 
punk), Ed Who (more punk) and some other band with the word 
toothpaste in it...i forget the name, but they are surfer music...and 
pretty good surfer music I might add....it's much better than the 
"Eat this" comp, as the bands actually do their own stuff and aren't 
just glorified cover bands....if anyone is interested in it, let me 
know, i'll see if i can pick one up for you before i go to NS