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Re: Sloan(Best alternative

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Dale Houston wrote:

> > >        Also is Twice Removed an alternative album anyway?
> Heck, what does "alternative" mean these days anyways when most of 
> yer big cities have 1 or 2 "commerical alternative" stations? (In 
> Cleveland we have 2 of them, and folks on the west side of town also 
> get 89X out of windosr) What sort of an alternative is it when about 
> a third of the top-selling discs are "alternative" discs? 
> "Alternative" to what, I ask you?

may i point out that the majority of "country and western" musicians are 
not from the country or the west.  

many "soul" singers have no soul.

much of todays "rhythm and blues" has neither rhythm, nor the blues.

many "gansta rappers" are not actually gangsters.

many "indie rockers" are on major labels

many "skaterockers" have never been on a skateboard.

the list continues...