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Re: T-Shirts!

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Michael Damian Catano wrote:

> here's the deal:  your t-shirts are COMING!  now shut up, and stop 
> whining about it.  some people have them, some don't.  obviously the 
> people who are complaining have never tried to order something from an 
> independant label/band/whatever before. sometimes it *gasp* takes *gasp* 
> time *gasp* for people with *gasp* no money and *gasp* no time *gasp* to 
> get things done!  whooooooaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!  that's so fucking deep, 
> eh? jon is a) in school, b) broke and c) is losing money on the t-shirts 
> because he tried to sell them at cost.
> oh, you poor baby, you lost your fifteen dollars ... oooh, there goes 
> this month's swank magazine and a back of brewskis.  damn.  maybe you 
> should just accept the fact that sometimes thing take time, and it's not 
> like jon has the luxury of having a giant printing/screening factory in 
> his basement.  he and yan are screening the damn things by hand - that 
> takes time.  jeez louise.
> ps - i've got over $50 dollars hovering in mail order limbo, with no sign 
> that i'm ever going see my records come in the mail, but you don't see me 
> whining like a little baby who wants his woobie.

maybe mr. catano has lots of dough to throw around, but 15$(or 50$) can go a 
longer way in my pocket than in someone else's.  personally, i think you are 
naive to give money to someone/thing if you are unsure about receiving 
someone/thing in return, and it is also foolish to ask people to send you 
money if you can't deliver to them a product.  with all due respect to mr. 
jon for his seemingly endless dedication, it is not unreasonable for 
people to get anxious in anticipation of the arrival their beloved t-shirts.

m.c. jc

p.s. see the alliteration in my last line?

p.p.s. does anyone one know how long these russian brides are supposed to 
       take?  i've had a few bucks in limbo and it was only supposed to 
       be 4 to 6 weeks...